Push and Pop

Nobody’s waiting to skate. Halmstad

Heads are cutting through fences every day to bmx and sk8’n to create when the construction crew leaves the Halmstad Arena skatepark site. It’s too rad not to. TimeBomb’s pops is in charge of the site so if the cops give me trouble I’ll just say I know Dinky.

In swedish. (Jag vet vem Dinky är).

Halmstad skatepark session

Bowl is ready

Halmstad skatepark bowl session

This monster-sized park has to be completed by Augusti for the Holiday Halmstad skate competition. It’s part of a comp circuit that starts in Malmö, then hits Umeå, Jönköpin, Falkenberg, Holiday Halmstad and back to Malmö. It will be a pretty sweet event cuz the park is looking rad. At least what is finished of it.

Halmstad skatepark

Skate. Eat candy

Holiday Halmstad skate event

Destination Halmstad

West coast Halmstad is Hyped!
Come sk8, BMX, bring the in-lines, rollersk8’s, soap-shoes, and don’t forget the remote control car to jump the lips!




Rad edit of madness that didn’t make the stay gold cut. Reynolds. Whoa…

Andrew Reynolds: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side from Emerica on Vimeo.

Sk8 Sk8 Sk8

 Malmö har en stor skatepark och det var sweeeet att jag var där och fick se den

Malmö bowl skateboard
iLL style. Malmö hoods
Christian Hosoi Malmö Skatepark


Quicksilver Bowlriders Finals

Legends.  Nicky Guerrero, Christian Hosoi, Chris Miller and Pat Ngoho

Youth. Rune Glifberg, Aaron Homoki, Benji Galloway, Andy Scott, Ross McGouran, Mathias Nylen