Niseko Snow

Spring spraang g’daaNg

Spring is the time to get to know the face behind the goggles that crushed powder under the lifts all winter, the chick who owned the rail event or the masked man who knows your name from a random night out getting piled at the VIP karaoke session. …singing Toto Africa… damn… sux. Warm season means crack a cold one with the locals that make the village function and have some free time …enjoy more awsm Japanese, English puppet-show hand gestures conversation …pile in the empty pubs that are packed out in high season …talk a little more with the convenience store shred kid while buying strawberry cakes, gin and smokes …soak in an onsen all to you and yours …friendly dinners …go out on a solo park mission that ends up in a ninja crew throw-down.                                Spring shred is the time things unfold.

Hirafu Gondola Fence Ollie


Teine Sapporo Resort snowboarding

Teine Sapporo goods late March

Hirfau park snowboarding rail

slippin' rail

Late March Niseko Resort Snowboarding

End of March powder

Annupuri onsen

April's lonely onsen

Karaoke in Kutchan

VIP karaoke Kutchan

Hirafu Big Gap Kutchan Local

Masked Kutchan Karaoke main mang board'n the big gap

Big Hirafu Gap

End of April in Niseko. Last hits

The last spring months of a winter season in any mountain town is when you hang with the real -for rill. -where ever you are. This spring in Niseko = supercore crew after the March 11th earthquake/tsunami/radiation scare and some of us stayed on till April’s rear end. 77% of foreign travelers left Japan during the first month following the devastating and Niseko has been dead quiet. Completely weeding out all the rental-ski holiday-goers and leaving empty slopes and spring park for the core Japanese and us few. Watching the nuclear news and ripping laps everyday has been the spring way. It’s rad up there +boardin’ with all-season strenf on the mountain you know so well is the way to peace out the snow season. Niseko, slide you soon again. Put em up to the warm slushy end, Kampai!

Now I gotta find a summer job…


Next level in Hokkaido Japan

Tryin’ new and next level shiiiit is fun, and in Japan it’s a must. Living in snowy Hokkaido has been a constant reminder to embrace the fresh first times and try it all. New food, culture, snowy surroundings, new crew, old crew in new places, speaking butchered Swedish to Swede’s in Niseko, soaking in onsens, left side driving in the most snow ever, being one of the ten foreigner’s on the mountain that didn’t fly home from the radiation scare after the earthquake tsunami, Charity rides, participating and donating, 14 meter measured snowfall at lift base or getting stuck on a bidet with a mind of it’s own. New and fresh. On and on. up and UP.

Fresh Octopus for dinner. bouncey

First time eating octopus. Fressssh and bouncy

Teri Mayo Chicken Man are steamy yummy

Innocent looking steamy bread balls with chicken and mayo surprise

Riceball onegiri in Niseko

First season living on onegiri riceball. Cheap pocket sized sushi triangles

2012 Neff powder shark mittens in Teine Sapporo resort

Chased by sharks and crushing Sapporo Teine resort Japow

Secret ninja urufu mask

Testing new upgrades to the Sensei Urufu hat/mask in Niseko

Teine resort beers after a deep powder day.

First parking lot kampai after the deepest and only day at Sapporo Teine resort

Quiet Niseko Spring Snow

It’s been a quiet season up in Niseko Japan after the March 11th earthquake, tsunami and radiation scare. With a country in pain we have had to enjoy snowboarding quietly. Respect. The village and slopes have been empty with the exception of the park where locals are lap’n and chucking trix and the ill scene at the Seicomart convenience store. Anyway, here are some writes I wrote-up this winter for the best accommodation crew in Niseko to help spread the good snowy word. All Holiday Niseko blog posts are under my captain’s login -Perrin, but built by my brain. I put this together with the Niseko Tourism newsletter to help inform more people about the current status of Niseko and Hokkaido.  Think good thoughts for Japan and come shred Niseko next winter!!!!!!

Distance map Japan

Niseko Tourism distance map shows that we have been way ok up in Hokkaido