Nobody’s waiting to skate. Halmstad

Heads are cutting through fences every day to bmx and sk8’n to create when the construction crew leaves the Halmstad Arena skatepark site. It’s too rad not to. TimeBomb’s pops is in charge of the site so if the cops give me trouble I’ll just say I know Dinky.

In swedish. (Jag vet vem Dinky är).

Halmstad skatepark session

Bowl is ready

Halmstad skatepark bowl session

This monster-sized park has to be completed by Augusti for the Holiday Halmstad skate competition. It’s part of a comp circuit that starts in Malmö, then hits Umeå, Jönköpin, Falkenberg, Holiday Halmstad and back to Malmö. It will be a pretty sweet event cuz the park is looking rad. At least what is finished of it.

Halmstad skatepark

Skate. Eat candy

Holiday Halmstad skate event

Destination Halmstad

West coast Halmstad is Hyped!
Come sk8, BMX, bring the in-lines, rollersk8’s, soap-shoes, and don’t forget the remote control car to jump the lips!



Nike BMX pool Dagenham London

This Dagenham East London pool was built into this impressive and creative bmx park in a couple weeks!  The talented crew of Nike, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham put in work and around 40 street, park, non-comp and old-timers 20″r’s were invited to the pool session. It went off! Ride the Nike pool till the 12th of June for Free! Drop in and ride it, take a lesson or watch it. Rad!

Some of the BMX Talent: Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington and Jeremiah Smith, Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Kalkoff, Sergio Layos, Tom Dugen, Brian Foster, Garrett Reynolds, Harry Main, Jason Phelan, Alex Kennedy, Brian Kachinsky, Drew Bezanson, Van Homan and Sebastian Keep.

Skills behind the lense: Peter Adam and Hadrien Picard (Edit cred).