1980´s Party

In preparation for this weekend and it´s 1980´s-ness SKÅL to De La Soul, Slick Rick and the Beastie Boys! …Hall and Oates…


The path home

Driving home from the snow and Espeland, Jondal Norway was twisty and full of mind maps and rainbows. Jürgens fractured collarbone and other shoulder (out and in) hurt socket kept him from driving the 16 hour long haul and pushing the car.       I=Chauffeur Wolfe in his WolfVolvo. We kept the fully loaded beast running cuz we had no starter which meant engine-on at gas pumps and parking only on hills to pop the clutch in 2nd. Our future ideas that sprung up&UP during the month were put into word-doc and plans are in the mix now. OLe´!

one lane all day

rolling the fjords to Odda

floating rocks

chased this rainbow and got under it

Rome Locals Only

Romes SDS Peter Harvieux caught up with me while in Espeland (No-way) Norway put up this locals only. Honored. Thanx.

spit it back out

Folgefonna camp riding

Been too busy cooking, riding and not sleeping to put these up. The Fonna month has gone by fast and slow. Loads of work and play. Meters of rain, doom-fog and some sun is the Fonna. Rad spot! Tmrw we start tearing down the camp and sorting it out.

±My hommie Jürgen popped one shoulder out and got a minor fractured in the other. Sux. Watch out for fast rock ollies cuz they can cripple. I will be the chauffeur driving us home to Halmstad in the stink Volvo. Mission!

Folgefonna fogOllie

Folgefonna is not alway sunny place, not even ...fog ollies

Folgefonna trampoline session

Jürgen stale tramp

Ollie cracks and smack the brakes before the lake. Before the shoulders and broken wing

folgefonna glacial lake

Where the run ends...

Folgefonna tuberide

tubeplay in July

folgefonna triple line snowboard

Slushy poppy medium triple line at Fonna Madonna

Last hit of the triple line. go to trick

Ståle poppin it

They are wise with the goat eyes

Folgefonna Norway

1 month of living in a camp in Espeland Norway feeding 115 hungry redbulled up ski and snowboard kids and shredding the Folgefonna glacier park in the afternoons is the deal. The camp set up is sweet and took a week to complete. 5 sk8 ramps, 14 trampolines, snowbox set up, Big Teepee, huge tents for feed, free Urge Intense mock Redbull spazz drink(Kids on coffee), billiards, pingpong, waxing tent, slack-lines, karaoke, X-box station, balance boards, unicycles, bmx, boats, wakeboards, fishing(red spotted trout), waterfalls into glacial lakes, white-moonshine-go-blind, crew from all over is good and the riding is rad. Camp stuff Norway style.

Espeland Norway

the farm village near the camp

Folgefonna camp

the spot

Folgefonna road

sweet drive up and down everyday

parking lot and t+bar

Folgefonna park

rails up top, double jump line, boxes, triple jump line, more rails and hips. Good laps

in the middle of Folgefonnas triple line

Folgefonna summer camp crew 2011

Shred staff. Poland, Czech, USA, Austria, Norway and UK

Folgefonna bbq camp

bbq night for 130 hungry people

jib set up Folgefonna

jib set up off the back of the mini

Cornelius Fly

The Cornelius fly buzz in your ear from Tokyo´s Keigo Oyamada 小山田 圭吾. The life of a fly for you eyes off the album Point, 2001. Always Creative. Cornelius

Besnard Lakes

Besnard Lakes. Albatross. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Layers.